My Version Of Inverse Falls
This isn't me hating on the Inverse Falls AU. I LOVE that AU. Just wanted to pitch an AU of an AU I guess.

Credit to Little Dipper and Australet789 for creating the Inverse Falls AU. Good job.

Dipper and Mabel's grown up designs are based on the ones from the Future Pines AU created by BitterKnitter and SuperGroverAway. Awesome AU.
Dipper and Mabel were born in 1990 and grew up as best friends and loved each other more than anything. They were polar opposites in terms of personality, but they were a great kick ass team. They also loved to explore and discover new things in the world and believed in the supernatural. After graduating high school, the twins went off to separate colleges, but stayed connected every day. While in collage, Mabel discovered the town of Gravity Falls and visited the town a lot. Shortly after collage, Mabel discovered that the town has a lot of secrets and told Dipper about it. He drove there to check on her and was shocked to discover that creatures like Gnomes, Ghosts, Zombies, Mermaids, and Giants lived in the forest. The Mystery Twins then bought a Shack near the forest and went on many adventures together discovering more about the paranormal, kicking evil monster ass, finding weird objects like a body swapping carpet and a cloning copy machine (Which they use for fun sometimes), and finding 3 detailed journals talking about the weirdness of Gravity Falls. They also turn the Shack into a nice little gift shop, which they run together as The Mystery Twins.

Eventually, Mabel and Dipper find a secret lab behind the vending machine in the Shack that has an unfinished device. They find out from the blueprints that it was meant to be a portal to another world. They decide to finish it to explore the multiverse. A mechanic with yellow eyes named Bill then appears behind them and claims that he can help fix the portal. Mabel trusts him, but Dipper doesn't. Right before the portal is finished by using the journals to finish it, Dipper discovers the truth about Bill. He is an insane dream demon named Bill Cipher who can go into your dream, create nightmares, and possess people and is after some god like power. He killed the mechanic and took over his body and is tricking him and Mabel into rebuilding the portal. Dipper tries to warn Mabel, but Mabel thinks he's being crazy and rude, which leads to a big argument between the two. Bill then turns on the portal to see if it can unlock the power, bit it starts to suck him in. Wanting revenge, he then has Mabel be sucked in to, breaking the portal to pieces, and spreading the Journals (Except for 1) across town. Dipper tries to save her, but it's to late. Dipper then breaks down, fearing the worst, and then vows to find the other journals and fix the portal to save Mabel. Even if that means Bill's return.

For the next 3 years, Dipper is doing his best to find the journals and save Mabel. At the same time, he find's a little 6 year old boy named Finn, who is orphaned and has a personality that's a combination between him and Mabel. Dipper then takes him in and the 2 develop a close father and son bond, though he keeps Mabel and the portal a secret from Finn. Mabel, stuck in an icy, cold dimension and thinking she is stuck there forever, is doing her best to survive. She then meets a female alien named Ellie and the 2 form a close bond while trying to survive.

Bill is now stuck in his in his world, but can see all the other worlds and his waiting for the portal to activate again so he can return.

What do you think?
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That's pretty interesting and I kinda like it, but somehow I miss Stan and Ford in this version. Would be interesting to could get involved with the story.
I've thought about having them in this AU, but I don't think they would fit in.
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