What's your guys' opinion on Mabel's selfishness?
(01-02-2017, 05:58 PM)AwesomeDude1 Wrote: The problem is that Mabel didn't learn from her mistakes and no one gets that mad at her for them. I hope if Alex made a sequel series, that would be fixed.

Nobody gets mad at anybody for their mistakes, except Ford getting mad at Stan in AToTS and their subsequent schism. And since we all know how that ended up, the series clearly takes a very negative stance on getting mad — anger is portrayed as an ineffective way of resolving conflicts. Instead, people learn mainly through experience.

Here are some examples of Mabel learning from her mistakes, just off the top of my head (feel free to dispute any of these, or offer counter-examples; what makes you say she didn't learn from her mistakes?):

Tourist Trapped: she makes the mistake of ignoring Dipper and is kidnapped by her "boyfriend," after which she learns the value of Dipper's advice
The Legend of the Gobblewonker: she makes the mistake of letting her personal ambition for a hamster ball come before spending time with her Grunkle Stan, but then learns the importance of spending time with her family
The Hand that Rocks the Mabel: she makes the mistake of saying yes to Gideon, then learns how to be assertive and say no
Irrational Treasure: she lets Pacifica put her down, then learns how to stand up for herself and who she is
Boss Mabel: she wrongly assumes that she can do Stan's better job than he can, then learns that his job is actually hard and that she can't
The Golf War: she makes the mistake of engaging in a petty and pointless rivalry, then learns to put it to an end instead of continuing it
Sock Opera: she is selfish and puts her personal ambition first, but learns the importance of her family, and ultimately sacrifices her play for Dipper
Society of the Blind Eye: she makes various mistakes with her crushes, then learns to learn from them instead of forgetting them; after SotBE, she no longer initiates any more personal romantic pursuits
The Love God: she makes the mistake of assuming she's great at matchmaking (and after her success in S&TRG I don't blame her), but learns the social consequences of her meddling in others' relationships
Northwest Mansion Mystery: she makes the mistake of discounting Grenda, but learns that her friend can be valuable just the way she is
The Last Mabelcorn: she makes the mistake of letting Celestebellebethabelle manipulate how she feels about herself, then learns to take control of her own self-esteem and behavior
Weirdmageddon 2: she makes the mistake of indulging in fantasy, then learns how to face reality

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