Gravity Falls Defended (apologist's corner)
This is for posting defense statements against criticisms of the show Gravity Falls.Every show has criticisms, what I'm trying to do is to make a "bank" or a place of defense statements.
Anyone can do so.

Its probably the first time in history that this will be done.
Feel free to post.

I don't know if you need to go that far to defend a show or any other medium really. Sometimes you just need to accept the flaws, embrace them, love them, whatever, and have fun. Point is when it outweighs the bad or when they are not so bad in themselves.
Everyone here likes Gravity Falls--that's why we're here. We all know the reasons why it's great, or we wouldn't be part of a forum dedicated to Gravity Falls. Considering that, having a stockpile like this seems redundant. Why not talk about your personal favorite things? There are plenty of threads to cover it, or make a new one if there isn't. But creating a kind of defense resource like this kind of takes the fun of having discussions yourself, no? We can't just look at the word bank whenever we need a right answer.
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not a ship
Good point, I'm shutting this down soon.

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