Ford to the Future
I think the six fingered hand print on the stairwell is more important than they've let on.

Considering the Back to the Future theme, there's a possibility that Future Ford went back in time to 2012. One possible reason is, to use the still working portal before his past self dismantled it. There are a multitude of possible reasons that can be written in. What I'm proposing is we look deeper at the pop culture time travel influences, because Billandin mentioned a time bubble. That's a spherical time loop.

Gravity Falls' episode one season one is connected to now all the time, in a sense.

It could have been Future Ford, or Future Stan who stole the barrels to both cover the tracks and to make sure Past Grunkle Stan was able to bring Past Ford back in the first place, thus avoiding a paradox.
It could have been future Mabel who snuck up and surprised Past Dipper whilst finding Journal 3. Her asking "What ya readin?" being just for show.

"Yay !!! Grass !!!" is something a post apocalyptic person would say if time reset and all the grass came back.

Another possible evidence that fits with this conclusion can be found in Thompson's mom's van. Evidence suggests Soos and possibly Grunkle Stan added graffiti. But when ¿ We can assume Past Soos was in there at some point, but again, they've referenced numerous time travel and paradox shows and movies in the writing, and it's 2016 now.

I think they're secretly working on a paradox / self fulfilling prophecy scripted movie, with the above elements worked in somehow.

What do you think ¿ Could there be another plot on the way, or is Gravity Falls legitimately over ¿
How do you come up with this?
Oh, I come up with lots of things ...

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