Any Good Translators?
Was wondering if any of you guys have managed to decipher the cursive in Journal 3. I'm struggling with this myself.

The pages I'm trying to translate.

Along with the aforementioned pages an explanation on how the machine Ford built is described in the journal would be swell as well ( heh, rhymey ). Thanks again guys!
You can buy the Journal 3? Without any unreadable cursive?
Those pages liked are fandrawings from pages that aren't in journal 3, which is why they are not readable.
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Ah. Does anybody have the actual page for the The Trilazzx Beta Aliens?
I'm... kinda confused. Are you looking for people to type out what the journal pages say, or fan-drawings of the journal written in print instead of cursive? Because I've more-or-less figured out how to read "Ford's" handwritting and would be willing to type out what the pages say, but I'm afraid I can't draw out the entire pages for the life of me.
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I think he just wanted those fan-pages to be translated by someone who could read cursive but didn't know they were fan pages so now they want the actual pages on the aliens.
Oh, okay. I can translate the alien page for you but I don't have access to my copy of the journal right now. I'll be able to in a few hours.
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This was for a debate where I was proving Bill Cipher was multiversal+ in power.

The Aliens had to do with segment of my argument relating to M Theory and the 11th dimension existing outside of even infinite possibilities to the base concept of how/why those infinite possibilities play out the way they do.

Would still much appreciate those translated pages ( from the ACTUAL journal ) if anybody's awesome enough to do so. :)
Section Translated:

In my long, dimension-hopping life, I've only encountered one creature that fits this skeleton shape: the Pan-Dimensional beings of Trilazyxx Beta. Since they exist in 7 to 11 dimensions at once, they have a horrible sense of direction. No wonder the ship crashed.
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Can I get a scan of the page?

The guy wants evidence.

Also the part where it states these pan-dimensional beings fear Cipher's power.

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