Dirk Gently

Based on the series by Doulas Adams this is a series I urge Gravity Falls fans to just try.

Dirk Gently is what he calls a holistic detective, he basically allows the clues of cases come to him via a series of bizarre conicidences instead of doing any actual detecting. Will of the universe type deal. Todd Brotzman is a bellhop boy trying to make ends meet and support his sister who has a rare, fictional disease, before being thrown by chance right in the middle of some extremely bizarre and impossible events.

Excellent and refreashing use of characters along with a highly entertaining story I find. Some people find it to be rather confusing and hard to follow for some reason I'll grant but I really recommend giving it a shot. Just remember things do make sense and everything is connected.

also one great reason to watch this show (Click to View)
Watched the pilot today. So far very quirky with an intriguing sense of mystery and likable characters.

Also the soundtrack freaking rocks.
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I also watched the pilot today.

I think this is the first series I've ever seen that has made me fall in love with the main protagonist just seconds after the pilot episode began. "On my way is where I am." was enough to make me love Dirk, even though at the time I could only assume that it was Dirk speaking.

Hannah Marks is sexy, and her character is sexier.

I can only assume and hope that Todd has a significant amount of character development throughout the season. He needs to get the stick out of his jiggling ass.

So far, I don't really care about the others. Just those three.
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Glad to hear you've been enjoying it :) Yeah I should think Todd does get a lot of development. Hope you enjoy the rest.

I also want to note I think my favourite characters are the rowdy 3 and Bart.
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