Poll: Is Robbie a clone?
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Robbie's a clone?
Yeah as you can see from the title Robbie may or may not be a clone.
In the episode Blendin's Game it shows when Dipper and Mabel are looking at something, Robbie (Like 6 or 7 years old) sneaks up behind them and squirts them with a water gun and then saying "Little Robbie". Also there's another scene when Robbie is squirting his water gun at what it seems to be a younger version of Thompson.(Not the manager at the movies Thompson(Shows him in Mabel's Scrapbook)) In the scene where Robbie squirts Mabel he's wearing a bandage on his face. In the scene where Robbie squirts Thompson he's NOT wearing a bandage.(In both pictures Robbie does not have any pimples) Now where's the "clone" part? In the episode Love God, there's a scene where Mabel is walking down the hallway leading up to Robbie's room where there are pictures on the wall of Robbie growing up. There is a particular picture of Robbie when he looks six or seven years old. He's wearing (I believe) a red collared shirt and a bowtie but no bandage on his face. That's totally different from what he looks like in Blendin's Game! Maybe Robbie is Not What He Seems?? (Sorry I had to do that :embarrassed:) Maybe Young Robbie found out about the copier machine before Dipper did? (It would be before Stan (Stanley) broke it then fixed it again) The Little Robbie scenes though, did not have Robbie and his "destiny hoodie" on. (Which wouldn't make sense because he's been wearing it since 7th grade and on) Please post your opinions and reasons because I have worked hard on this.

It's either that or Robbie found out about the cloning tubes that the manager of Sev'ral Times used. (Appears in the episode Boyz Crazy)

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I would chop this up to a continuity error, honestly.
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No, Robbie actually was a boy band clone but his parents abducted/rescued him. The guitar, the fact they're so different it all makes sense...
I also think it could all be continuity errors. Plus, if Robbie really was a clone, wouldn't it have been too dangerous to use a water gun? If he accidentally sprayed himself with it, or even while just filling it up, he would've dissolved and died.
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