The Comprehensive Index of OCs
So, as your local magpie was bored and needed to satisfy her craving for organisation, she though it would be fun to compile a little index of everyone's roleplay characters, right here! If you've got OC's that have to be added, reply to this thread with a link to a form and a quick description of their character, and roleplays they've been used in.

The Seer Of Dreams (Click to View)

Richard_Pines (Click to View)
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hey, it's a great idea to have a list of characters. C: would make it a lot easier for me to find bios when using them in a new RP.

Mah Babies (Click to View)
i probably have quite a few more on here, just need to dig around some more. (i have a lot.)
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Sounds cool! Welp, here's mine:

Richard Pines. This guy's fuckin' crazy.

He was bullied in Kindergarten for being really weird and interested in magic, and so prayed for a friend. One night he was visited in his Dreams by Bill and the two became allies. Richard grew up with Bill inside his head, and over time Richard was exposed to the Nightmare Realm in greater ways. By the time he reached the age of 16 he had been diagnosed with Sociopathy and mild Schizophrenia, and is well learned in the powers of the Occult. His only desire is to cause Weirdmageddon, since he and Bill had a deal that if he 'Liberated' his home dimension, Bill would make him immortal.

Personality-wise Richard loves torturing people, causing destruction and pain, and is also sexually depraved. Deep down, however, whatever is left of his humanity reflects as a single trait: loneliness. Crushing, crushing loneliness.

Deep down, Richard is still the frightened kid who didn't want to be alone. The kid Bill manipulated. And the kid who only wants friends.

So far he's been in The Flocks, When World's Collide, the OC roleplay, and some old Weirdmageddon one I don't remember.
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