A Simple Theory on Grenda's Kiss
Fact: In 2012 Disney released
this promo for Gravity Falls.

Fact: In 2013 Disney released S1E16
Carpet Diem where we see the same closet along with an unexplained incident.

Fact: In 2014 we got Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained -
That Thing or The Creature in the Closet aka The Candy Monster.

Theory: Grenda kissed The Candy Monster
I deem this... likely...
The promo closet is not at the end of the room, near a door, like the true closet (there's a picture hanging to the left of it, for instance). There is no proof of it being the "same closet" as any other we have seen. It may not even be canon.

Dipper said the Thing "jumped out of nowhere" and the only closet that it appears near is the large curtained closet at the end of the room. There's no proof it was ever in the Grenda closet.

The only creature ever asserted to be in the closet is the "invisible wizard." That's probably the one mentioned in the real-life Journal 3 by Ford.

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