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An Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert
These are just general things I've read, heard, and observed form the three personality types. Make sure to do your own research on each type, self reflect if you need too, and than come back here and share which one of the three personality types you are with your fellow Shack members.

Introvert: These are very private people. It is a misconception that they are shy but this is not the case. There are multiple types of introverts too; social, thinking, and anxious introverts. Social introverts tend to prefer small groups of people they are comfortable with such as close friends and family. Thinking introverts thoughtful, self-reflective, and often can get lost in their own created world. Anxious introverts who prefer to be alone as they feel uncomfortable or unsuitable in a social gathering or a group as they are not confident about their social skills.

Extrovert: They are talkative, sociable, action-oriented, enthusiastic, friendly, out-going, most are optimistic, and they love meeting new people. These are those who will go up to a complete stranger and happily have a conversation with them. Socializing is their fuel and they will activity seek it out.

Ambivert: If you ever hesitated when asked, “would you prefer to go to a party or read a book?” because it would depends on the party or book or social you were the day or night before you might be an ambivert. Often called the forgotten personality type though most people are considered to be this type of personality. These people share both introvert and extrovert traits. They can have multiple personality types that are both introverted and extroverted. It all depends on the situation and who they will be spending their time with or even who they were spending their time with before hand.
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I'm more introvert though I guess you could say I'm ambivert.
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And I just realized I gave my type. I am a social introvert. Yes I did mess up the poll but I've taken a lot of time to think about ambivert vs social introvert. Most of my personality and social life (of what little there is outside the internet) would cause many to believe me to be an ambivert and I would agree but there is one thing that causes me to think I'm not. I don't get distressed when left alone for long periods of time as an ambivert would. In fact I often much prefer being alone for long hours and even days on end. This leads me to believe I am more of a social introvert than an ambivert and I enjoy spending time with my few close friends and some family members but very much prefer to be left on my own.
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Technically are we not all ambiverts?

Also I'm getting this uncanny feeling of Deja vu...but eh.

Introvert here. Parties are boring let's read a book.
yeah ambivert seems general enough to cover everyone

to be honest whenever these categories are written out it seems like the introvert category is much better developed than the extrovert. there are 3 different types of introverts, but only 1 extrovert? I'd think there'd be as many different ways to be social as there are to be unsocial. do all extroverts not get anxious around people? are they all less self-reflective than introverts? are some not less social than others?

and i think "anxious introvert" would be more accurately summarized as just a shy person--they want to be with people, which seems contrary to introversion. they are not social because they are incapable of it, not because they choose to be.

anyway -- guess i'm an ambivert, like everyone else -- though if you'd asked me without that category included I'd have said introvert.
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