Gravity Falls Pop Vinyls Are Coming This Year
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I don't collect these things but...

damn, actually tempted.
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oh funk gotta dronk my honk


(if you didn't know, I collect these!)
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Haha, rip Magpie's wallet.

Dammit I don't know if I want just a Mabel, or a Mabel and a Dipper...but I also can't resist that adorable Bill! D:

(Stan's head is too big to me, I am super picky with what I buy :3)

Hang on, these things usually go for around $10? That can't be right...
More to add to the collection

@Baron they range from 7 to 15 dollars depending on the place
Ah, you keep them in the box, you're much better than me.
And yes, RIP my wallet indeed.
I love the Mabel figurine, as well as the Dipper one. The lines under his eyes look a little odd, considering the simplistic design, but that can be fixed with a quick coat of paint. Stan's head looks a little too big, I agree with Baron. Bill....Bill is throwing me off a bit. Something seems off with him, can't put my finger on what. Maybe it's just the eye, but I'm sure there's something else...?
Well, that's just concept art anyway. The final product will likely be tweaked quite a bit, I can't wait!
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Whoah, impressive. And thanks I was expecting 20 and found between 7- 10 when I searched online.

Well I think I may just need to get me some twins and an adorable dorito.
why would you keep these in their box whats the point of buying shit and never using it

to sell it? sorry but stores have a monopoly on that
If Romance Academy 7 and Fight Fighters are video games that means there are multiple copies with multiple Rumbles and Giffanies

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Probably should open em as much dust is on em

Besides what I suppose to do with em out of the box

Pretty much the same thing sit on a desk or a table

I collect a lot of toys so i guess I'm used to not opening them

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