Gravity Falls Pop Vinyls Are Coming This Year
Eh, I did the same thing with my Star Trek phaser. I love the thing but I'm not taking it out until I have a sweet Star Fleet uniform to wear with it...

btw @Magpie What's wrong with the lines? I thought they got Dipper spot on.
I'm not entirely sure. I think Dipper's spot on minus that and get why they did it, but it looks a teeny bit off to me. It will probably look much better in real life, but yeah.
Now I'm looking at, I've noticed Dipper had eyebrows and Mabel doesn't. Hmm.
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Still dont get it cause Dipper has lines under his eyes although you're right about the eyebrow. Looking again I almost feel like Mabels head is slightly bigger. Interesting how they choose to scale these things...
He normally does have those lines under his eyes
^I know he usually does, yeah. I think what's throwing me off is that the eyebrows are the same shape and size as the under-eye lines.
Yes, Mabel's head does seem biggger now you mention it. I get it's just concept art but yeah....
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Eh, maybe they'll fix those minor things. Pretty sure I may get them anyway.
We get what we want but we're never satisfied. :)
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I know! XD

They really are great though and it's always nice to have new merch.
Gravity Falls Pop Vinyls coming in late July.

What do you think?
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i need the whole set now
If Romance Academy 7 and Fight Fighters are video games that means there are multiple copies with multiple Rumbles and Giffanies

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