How to FIX Gravity Falls Season 2B - Vox Box
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Gonna watch that video, but please just add to this thread atleast some text here.
Yeah you gotta remember AD1 this isn't Reddit.

Anyway I find myself largrly disagreeing with this guy and I recognise him as a commentator from another video of his so I'm remembering mixed to negative feelings on this sides work. I guess I'm just tired of this type of commentary at this point.
I agree with him on season 2B feeling a bit rushed. Was also expecting a bit more development for Pacifica after Northwest Mansion Mystery, but it never came.

I also majorly agree that Weirdmageddon would have worked better as a TV movie. It really ground to a halt in Escape From Reality, and we all know how flawed that episode already is. Take Back The Falls sorta picked it up again, but it was really the middle section of the whole storyline that made it meh for a bit.
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um would someone please type out what this guy said since i cant access youtube right now
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