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Dammit, does this mean I get to be the angry nostalgiaturd whining about how film studios ruined my childhood? Well even though I don't like the idea of it being live action or it being made at all I'll reserve judgment for the films release. BUT IF THEY RUIN THE SERIES I'LL,
just watch the full anime movie of it on dailymotion that I still haven't watched for some reason.

So what are some of the books you grew up with and read as a kid?
Might make for interesting discussion to see what different things we grew up with.

As for me my most vivid memories come from

The Junie B Jones series : I can't stand the books anymore since as I grew older Junie B Jones became a more annoying character to me but I'd be lying if I said I didn't read a lot of these books when I was young.

Wolves of the Beyond: I've never read the Guardians of Gahoole series as a kid. However I did read Wolves of the Beyond which I really enjoyed. Until the later books got very confusing in so many ways.

Marco's Millions:I remember loving this book even though the sequel really sucks. Also the ending to Marco's Millions made me cry and has been the only book to make me cry.

Magic Tree House: Obvious of course but these books literally were my childood. Looking back I honestly know way too much about this book series than any highshooler should but thats because I read these books like crazy as a kid. Jack and Annie were basically the Dipper and Mabel of my childhood and I have way too many crazy memories of reading this series that I can't put into one post including sneaking a lantern in my room and reading like 20 of the books under the covers past my bedtime. That is until mom caught me. I actually found out while cleaning that I sill had the complete first collection in the back of my closet which brought back so many memories since I actually read every book in the series until I was older and stopped reading them.
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There was a weird collection of books called Timmy and the Invisible People. They've got a sort of underground following now that's small but pretty strong, people trying to collect them, some going as far as over £100 (the first one esp). They were in my 3rd grade class and they don't have the best writing but they were oddly enchanting I guess.

I've also mentioned the John Bellairs. The Narnia Chronicles (until that fucked up last book) and the Hobbit (I first read that when I was about 10), Wrinkle in Time and of course the Harry Potter series.

Whole bunch of misc books, usually fantasy.

-The Dark is Rising (much later on but before that god-awful movie came out, the first and last are the best with the rest very hit and miss but I may re-read them)
-Omggg the Alex Rider Series, I was such a sucker for those. I stopped around Arch Angel and I refuse to consider others happened after. They are kind of boring to me now and I'm also not sure if Alex is a Marty Stu or not, I thought it was intentional but now I'm not sure if it pushed it too far...
-The Power of Five. Much later on and only read the first two books. The first was good but around the second I began to realise Horowitz was actually...kind of a sucky writer. Or that is, not something I could enjoy anymore.
-I *adored* Artemis Fowl, remember way back around 2003 was it? I was so hyped for that movie that never came. Still not read the last few after whichever one Minerva was introduced in.
-I'll add more

Oh yeah, number of American Girl History books my mum got me...I always thought that name was kind of condescending somehow but eh, HIIISHHHTORRY YAY.

For very young children's books I remember stuff like Seus (Green Eggs and Ham esp), The Ship of Dreams, Remember the Night Rainbow, The Tunnel (boy was that creepy as a wee one), Grandfather Twilight, Miss Fanshaw and the Great Dragon Adventure (they should really re-print that one day)...
Haha, suckers! I'm still in my childhood

Why didn't you like the last Narnia book, Baron?
If salty and bitter are flavors, why isn't spite?
Have you ever read them? You can see my rant about it in the Book Throwing thread (actually scratch that please don't) but basically it's to do with Susan and how it undermined the primary reason I used to like the books which was to do with the family and friendship aspect. But apparently whether or not you get accepted into heaven is more important in the end which I just disagree with.
I read them when I was eight, so I didn't really put much thought into them.

But most of the books I grew up with were

-Magic Tree house

-Boxcar Children

-Harry Potter


-Artemis Fowl

-probably a heck of a lot more

Edit: Baron, your 'rant' didn't say anything about Susan, so I might just pick up the last book sometime and read it
If salty and bitter are flavors, why isn't spite?
Mostly books about astronomy and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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