Gravity Falls - Don't Color This Book!: A Cursed Coloring Book
Recently, Alex Hirsch announced a new Gravity Falls coloring book coming out this summer about Dipper getting trapped in a coloring book and Mabel having to free him.

Here it is on Amazon.

I don't know what to think of this book. It could be a fun read/coloring book or it could be one of those horrible tie in books.

What do you think?
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Very cute. If I see it in a store I might be tempted to get it. I don't think I'd get it online though.
I just hope that this is an actual good tie in book.
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Yeah I know, I think you already said that?
The book's primary classification under "Humor & Entertainment" instead of "Children's Books," the lack of a grade level or age range classification, and that absolutely amazing Soos illustration makes me think that Disney might be angling for a slightly older audience with this book. Coloring books are sometimes stereotyped as exclusively within the domain of young children despite the presence of a well-established adult coloring book market, though as we know with animation, these stereotypes are usually false.

It's also clear that real effort was put into this, by Gravity Falls storyboard artist Emmy Cicierega and Gravity Falls character designer Stephanie Ramirez. The fourth and fifth preview pages available on Amazon look absolutely stunning, in my opinion. Buff Dipper on a unicorn and the one of Wendy, a bit less so but still fun. This is original art by the artists who worked on the show, and not just stock art.

Based on this, I think it'll probably be a decent coloring book. Not sure if I'll pre-order it just yet, as the the recent double whammy of Journal 3 Special Edition and the new GF Funko Pops is just a tad too much for my wallet all at once. However, I wonder if Disney will revisit the issue of a Gravity Falls DVD/Blu-Ray (or at least consider more merch) if this book becomes their third in a row to exceed their expectations?
You've got a point with their last but I'm also in agreement with your previous point about the figurines, those are what's tempting me more at the moment.
i just say give me enough merch for me to eat up and im content
If Romance Academy 7 and Fight Fighters are video games that means there are multiple copies with multiple Rumbles and Giffanies

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I'll wait to buy this book after it comes out and if I hear it's good.
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