Out Of Character Moments?
Here are my picks.

The Inconviencing. I like the episode, but when the ghosts attack, Dipper completely forgets about Mabel until the ghosts possess her. Dude, your sister just ate a crap ton of expired rotten candy and is feeling sick and you forget about her during a ghost attack? Not cool man.

Fight Fighters. I've always found it odd how when Rumble chases Robbie to the water tower and nearly knocks it down while Mabel and Stan are up there, that the 2 of them don't notice an animated video game character that's alive and trying to knock down the tower and kill a goth kid. Also, I find it odd how Mabel and Stan don't see or hear Rumble nearly killing Dipper.

Boyz Crazy. When Mabel and the girls say that they stole money with obvious lying faces, Dipper doesn't investigate what's in the bag. Plus, this episode shows 3 days of Pines Family and their weird hijinks and Dipper and Mabel only interact once. That's out of character considering how close the 2 of them are. I don't have the type of bond with my siblings that Dipper and Mabel have, and yet I talk and interact with them multiple times a day.

Northwest Mansion Mystery. Dipper doesn't let the ghost free to get revege on the Northwest family because Mabel is having fun at the party and the ghost is very unstable. And yet after the ghost gets freed and heads back to the Manor, and after Dipper yells out Mabel's name, he doesn't even check on her in the Manor. Also, In Society Of The Blindeye, Mabel realized (With the help of Wendy) that she didn't need a guy to be happy. And yet in NMM, she fights over a dude with Candy and Grenda.

Dungeons Dungeons, And More Dungeons. I know Dipper has always dreamed of meeting the author and I understand wanting to make your idol happy, but the fact that he agreed to keep the rift a secret from Mabel after hanging out with Ford for just ONE day felt off. They hanged out for only ONE day. I have always dreamed of being on Collider Movie Talk and hanging out with the crew there, but if they told me to keep a secret from my family that involves the end of the world, I would not listen to them especially if I only hung out with them for one day.

Roadside Attraction. Mabel seemed to have learned about the cons of match making in Into The Bunker and The Love God, but she seems to have completely forgot about that now as her and Grenda try to get Dipper and Candy to hook up. Also, I hated that Mabel and Soos were mean to Dipper at the beginning of the episode and made fun of him not moving on from Wendy. They wouldn't do that.

What do you think are out of character moments in Gravity Falls?
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Not sure if I'm the only one who thinks this, but I feel that Stan was a lot on the stubborn side (he's already stubborn, true, but this time more than usual) during the first half of Take Back The Falls. Not just in not giving one single shit about Ford being captured (I know their history was understandably rocky, but I think he would show at least one sliver of concern), but in general being incredibly reluctant in leaving the Shack to fight alongside the others and staying there while Bill "takes over" the world.
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Hm, I've already mentioned Mabel in Sock Opera, it was just weird to me because in my mind it very much contradicted THTRTM. That's my biggest one but hey do tend to push characteristics for the sake of plot and that's what I feel happened here and with Stan.

I agree with AD1 only slightly with Mabel in NMM and DD&MD. To my memory Mabel wasn't even mean to Dipper about Wendy, just rightfully exasperated.
Forgot about that. Thanks Sir Dip
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