Has anyone Pre-ordered the Special Edition of Journal 3?
(07-16-2017, 07:46 PM)HopeCvon Wrote: Good timing!
I was considering getting the bundle but by the time I learned about them I had already ordered my copy from Amazon and had been told it was on its way. Then they lost track of it and it was late but the bundles were already sold out by that point so I just had to wait - rather impatiently I might add. ^^;

I will definitely be waiting impatiently for it to turn up.  Although I'm on summer holidays, so I'm at home 24/7 (I have no life XD ) The wait will be worth it though, and my cosplay will be complete.
(Although, I made a deal with my brother that next comic con we go to we will be going as Dipper and Mabel, my brother with the journal and me with a Waddles plush)
"Princess Unattainabelle beckons you" Hehe!
$149.99 , Gulp, I'l pass.
Looks Awesome !!
Fun fact: I pre-ordered my journal back in november and never got it, and I'm still fucking pissed about that because I'll never get the chance to get this one again.
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Was it ever shipped? If so, you should call up and ask for your refund.
My journal turned up, it was worth the money I can tell you that.
(And yes that is my actual background, I'm just a massive fan of Ford, so gotta have him as my background!)

MysterySeeker: That's a shame, the same thing happened to me with the special edition, I was lucky that my Mum was willing to buy me the Axolotl bundle.
"Princess Unattainabelle beckons you" Hehe!
So...actually had a problem with my preorder and never got it so when I found it going for cheaper I decided to treat myself for once and got it. Worth. It.

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