Island Party 2019!
So I logged on to discord today and learned that someone actually brought an island and named it Gravity Falls, Oregon! We're planning to have a party there in the future!

If any of you want to come party with fellow Fallers here's so info you should know:
- Current dates are July 2019
- We have people prepared to pick people up from the airport 
- People are looking at hotels / motels to stay in 
- You would need to pay for your own transport to the island (there's a boat rental that is literally 17 miles from the island
- Some people are prepared to 'act' as parents, however parental permission if you are underaged is slightly dodgy depending where you live
- Start saving up, here we come IslandMageddon!

Is this serious or a joke?
- We are being very serious about this, yes we want a party on an island.

Does Alex Hirsch know?
- We have plans to invite Alex, it is up to him if he wishes to come. People have already been tweeting and rewteeting him about it.

About the island:
- Hawaii 2, Liberty, ME 04949, USA
- Anyone is free to use the island for non-intensive recreational uses
- You cannot put up / build structures there (e.g. no tents)
- Do not leave any waste on the island / any evidence of your visit 
- You can hike, swim, birdwatch, take photos, propose ;)
- You cannot litter, hunt, build a campfire, build anything / bury anything, damage nature
- The island is open from 6am - 8pm
- More can be found on the website :

Pictures of the location:
Google maps:
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Hwat?!! ?__?

Hmm...if in 2 years I gots the dough thwn yes.

Although that acting as parents thing sounds mighty dodgy
If you can come then that would be awesome!

I think that the acting like parents thing mostly means there will be people who will make sure nothing gets out of hand, the rules are obeyed, and just to generally make sure things go well and everyone has fun while also being safe.
Madness is Amazingness!
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Why not just call the island Gravity Falls? It's not in Oregon, after all. Though looking at the website is just seems to be called Hawaii 2. It would be cool if a real life Mystery Shack was built there though.

Also, they're associated with Cards Against Humanity? Nice. XD
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"We'll meet again... don't know where, don't know when...
but I know we'll meet again some sunny day..."
what a bright idea hmm i wonder how this could go wrong

i'm sure there's not hundreds of possibilities
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Lol too late party train's already left the station
Too bad we aren't allowed to build anything on the island, otherwise I would be all for building the Mystery Shack. Maybe one day someone will aquire some land in Oregon and let us build it there.

I believe its really more of a nickname and not anything official. Something a few fans come up. The original name's actually Birch Island until CAH brought it and changed it to Hawii 2 (although it is uncertain if goverment reconizes the name). Then they gave out licenses for $1 which is how someone in the fandom managed to get it. Now we're planning to have a party there in two years.

All aboard! WOO! WOO!
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