Gravity Falls Predicted Future Movies
It's well established at this point that show runner Alex Hirsch is friendly with Guillermo del Toro and other Hollywood elites.

In fact, del Toro's got a quote printed in the officially released Journal 3 and paid a compliment to Hirsch via Twitter.

He stated that he liked the Pacific Rim nod in the final battle. But how could Gravity Falls have alluded to Pacific Rim when it was released after the fact ?

The answer is likely simple. Hirsch needed inspiration for a few of the episodes and his friend helped him by sharing his upcoming script (which was secret at the time)

As it turns out, there is another movie out there that came out well after Gravity Falls. It's named The Shape of Water and it is near identical to The Deep End.

I should warn you, TSoW is not a children's movie. Parental discretion is advised.

These two movies have since been released and the similarities alone prove Gravity Falls foreknowledge.

But what about movies that haven't yet been released ? Did Gravity Falls predict anything else ?

It may have, because of hidden gems like the "Space Jam 2" nod in binary on a computer screen graphic.

I've shown that the character Gorny was actually an allusion to Chunk from The Goonies. Get it? Gorny is a Goonie. I made a video comparing the two.

As it turns out, there was to be a second Goonies movie in secret production. Talks seem to have failed the first time, but recently interest in the idea was rekindled.

Gravity Falls definitely predicted Pac Rim and TSoW, and so maybe also predicted Space Jam 2 and Goonies 2 !!!→

Only time will tell. Here are the links to the Pac Rim and Goonies Allusion videos.

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