The Chit-Chat Thread
Good morning everyone Hehe!

After a few hours of sleep, I wake up to find there are now over 55 registered members on Woohooo! Not bad for our first day! Cool I'm happy! So, this thread is gonna be for chit-chat, talking, about whatever you want. It's not a spam thread, however, so please let's all keep up a polite tone.

So what's on your mind?
This is the first forum I've been on where I'm not the only one on at 3am
Hehe, there are time zones remember? ^^ It's more like 9:26am here in Germany, so I didn't get up too early. It's fun, when you think about it... it's always 3am somewhere!
So today I did things of relative unimportance and tomorrow I shall do the same.

Because importance is for boring people!

Just got a chicken box from McDonalds... this thing is supposed to be for 3 people? Seriously?
I'm at a friends house, and his phone keeps going off because somebody can't realize he's sleeping.

Either the phone goes, or I go (trust me, it won't be pretty.)

Oh but the WEWY secret ending screenshot leaked so my life is cheerful once again

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Okay, its 10am here. Gotta leave here in half an hour for a Brony meetup in Stuttgart.

See you later folks Happy.
Yay, RP Section is up. I don't want to post in there preemptively, so I'll express my excitement here :)
Just go ahead if you want to! :)

Also, I am such an idiot.
I have been re-reading the Harry Potter books lately and recently finished the fourth - The Goblet of Fire. So tonight I started reading the fifth, The Order of the Phoenix.
Oh wait, I didn't.
I am reading on a Kindle I borrowed and the books were already on it.
So I just spent 6 hours on reading a Harry Potter story that was entirely new to me, having nothing to do with The Order of the Phoenix, but I thought, maybe the film was just very different for time reasons. But when nothing ever started even leading to anything related to TOOTP, I got confused.
I have read about Harry finding himself a pet snake named Cassandra while gardening for the Dursleys, making some sort of friends with Dudley, Hermione being taken in by the Dursleys because she had been victim to an abduction attempt while being in Greece with her parents, since the Dursleys house has protection spells to keep them save from Voldemort or other dark wizards.
Suddenly, everyone is completely Mary-Sue, Hermione is suddenly sexy, all girls at school suddenly are attracted to Harry and OH, Harry is a prefect and learning to be an animagus. Love trangles and romance EVERYWHERE!

So, 134 pages in (of over 900) turns out this is a fanfiction. It's not even all that bad, after all I've spent 6 hours reading it before realising it's definitely not the Order of The Phoenix. I't just a little out of character. It's now four in the morning over here. I'm going to sleep now. X_x
The fanfiction is called Harry Potter and the psychic Serpent or something. I googled for it so I know what the bloody hell I was reading.
It's 1 AM where I live and I'm still online.
I wanna go to sleep but I can't.

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