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1x14 - Bottomless Pit!
(02-25-2013, 03:51 AM)ZeroGravityFalls Wrote: They should have just taken out Voice Over, Soos' Really Great Pinball Story, Is That a Good Title? Does it have to be Puns or Something? and just do Troothache, for 30 minutes. We could have gotten plenty of laughs out of a half hour of Troothache.

To be honest, I was really kind of into this, and I wanted to see where the thing with the driving bear was going.
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Troothache was my favorite, and I thought it had the most comedy potential. Voice Over was funny too, and so was Soos' Really Great Pinball Story.

Honestly, these three were okay enough to be their own episodes. But Troothache was the best in my opinion overall.
BTW I realized what's Mabel's favourite saying:
"DIE! DIE!" - She said this three times so far :P
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When the kids were on the floor in fetal position- that was the biggest laugh from me.
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Stan's speech was great.
Just finished watching. Trying not to spoil the episode, so I'll just post some things I noticed that aren't too important to the episode as a whole

Stan's fez has new symbol (or maybe I haven't watched in a while and forgot what it looked like)

Gravity Falls Gossiper logo is based on Toby Determined's face

There's an article on the GFG (Gossiper) on a fake UFO caused by one of the police's hats flying away, without a silhoutte of Deputy Derland, with the subtitle "Anonymous Deputy"

There's another article during Dipper's Story: "Reporter Calls MoX XXXXXX 'Pleasant'" with a picture of Toby. Maybe he called his mom and reported it as news? With the typeface and size only "Mom" would fit.

Stan was reading a book called, "The Plot Twist" by what looks like "William XXXXXX-dome". It's impossible to tell because of the quality. Could be some sort of foreshadowing about Stan later on?

There was a new attraction (when Stan was eating spaghetti): seems to be a floating eye with small tentacles. Also, hand in a jar during Dipper's story.

Bouncer's tattooes include: Over the Shoulder, No (Heart) for U, A, a spider, a knife, webs, a flame and a star

There was a shot with the water tower that didn't have the town name but also didn't have Rob's muffin on it. You would have to have seen at least one or the other from the angle it was seen at, maybe it was an error?

Also, new code at the end:

14-5-24-20 21-16: "6-15-15-20-2-15-20 20-23-15: 7-18-21-14-11-12-5 '19 7-18-5-22-5-14-7-5"

Spoilers Below!

What was up with the pinball machine? Everyone was only unconcious and if the power went out they should have died. Maybe Soos was involved? (He mentioned something about "normally goes" about the green lightning at the start)

What happened to Dipper's snake bite?

How did Stan get over the "permanent" vial?

What happened to Stan after they pulled out the teeth?
Haha man, you noticed all that on the first viewing? In any case, I get the sense that Dipper's, Soos's and Stan's tale weren't true "in universe", because I think the other characters would have acted like they remembered? But yeah, given that it was Dipper telling the story, you'd think he'd be more of a stickler for details like the snake bite thing. It's weird that's Soos's story was more "realistic". As I said, just a really weird episode over all.
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am I the only one who noticed the words "El Diablo" written on stan's car during Troothache????
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Sorry if my english Sucks sometimes... I learned the language reading Harry Potter and watching That 70's show =S ..... xD
@Mairzy Doats: I only noticed the things with Stan on the first viewing. Then I ended up going through the notable parts of the episode again to see if I noticed anything else, and even then I missed stuff like what Jess mentioned just now.

But yeah, that was a bit weird. Except for Soos' story and Stan's story (lol) there was some weird stuff. Except for maybe the snake bite I don't think that the stuff with Stan are plot holes as much as they just make Stan more suspicious. He was in general disbelief at the stories and didn't even act fazed when he started telling the truth or had his voice changed.

Also not showing what happened to Stan after the teeth pulled out is interesting too.

@Jess: Nope, I missed that.
Seems like a fantastic promo. Hope it comes out as more of a canon thing, though.

(02-20-2013, 11:07 PM)InsomniaDealer Wrote: Thats pretty cool there doing the whole 3 non cannon stories thing, like in the simpsons.
Lets hope they do it well.

I would just like to call you the best person ever for having Skwisgaar Skwigelf in your signature. You have no idea how much I man-squeed when I saw that.
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