Favorite and Least Favorite Episodes
My favorite is definitely Double Dipper.

My least favorite is... uh, well.. I don't really have one.
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Favorite is The Time Traverllers Pig

My least favorite is Dipper vs Manliness
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My favorites are Double Dipper and The Inconveniencing. Least favorite is The Hand That Rocks The Mabel.
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My favorite is either Irrational Treasure (Quentin Trembley, you guys! QUENTIN. TREMBLEY.), the Hand That Rocks the Mabel, or the Deep End.
My least favorite is Bottomless Pit. Because none of the stories were really that interesting, and nothing actually happened.
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Way too hard to mention just one, so here are three.
1. Fight Fighters- Hilarious, remember Soos trying to knock down the health bar?
2. The Incocieving- Epic-ally funny. Loved the opening scene when he is lying in the bed and realizes he likes Wendy.
3. Gobblewonker- "Who Want's to put on some blindfolds and get into my car?" Classic Stan...

Least Favorite:
1. Hand that Rocked the Mabel- Aside from the great villain and the ending, the episode wasn't that funny.
2. Boss Mabel- I only liked the parts with Stan on the Game show.
3. Little Dipper- Not that good, really liked the part with the guy who was handing out the checks though.
My favorite : The Inconveniencing, perfect episode, hilarious, fantastic story etc.

My least favorite : Boss Mabel, bad plot and just a few laughs.
Least: Bottomless Pit. It has its moments, but it had a very weak setting and story. Felt like Filler

Fave: A toss up between Time Traveler's Pig and Carpet Diem
Favorite: The Inconviencing
Least favorite: Dipper VS Manliness
My favorite would be either Carpet Diem because of its humor or The Legend of the Gobblewonker because it was the first episode I watched, so I guess it's sentimental reasons.

Least favorite is probably The Deep End because I think it reaffirms that love will slow down any plot...
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Favorite: Boyz Crazy/Carpet Diem/The Inconviniencing/Double Dipper
Least Favorite: Bottomless Pit/ Dipper VS Manliness.

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