Favorite and Least Favorite Episodes
Double Dipper and Dipper Vs. Manliness were probably my favorites.

I can't stand Irrational Treasure. It had a dry, bland plot-line, with new annoying characters. Mabel was acting like a complete idiot.
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Double Dipper was my favorite. I always NEVER got sick of it, and for some reason I've always really really liked it.

Boss Mabel was HORRIBLE. It was NOT worth the wait whatsoever.
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Athough my user name belive it or not i really disliked "Dipper vs Manliness"Although Mabels Training Mix was preaty epic.
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My favorite is Dipper vs. Manliness. I don't understand the hate on it, but I guess I'm just weird. xD

I didn't like The Hand That Rocks The Mabel that much. It was a little too grim for me. It's still an epic episode, but it's my least favorite.
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I really like every episode. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be Dreamscaperers. I don't really have a least favorite.
For my odd logic, I say the unaired pilot was my least favorite and all the other episodes were my fav. This way, I won’t get caught in the “if every episode is your favorite, doesn’t that mean every episode is your least favorite?” puzzle.
Most Favorite: Double Dipper - So many funny moments and I liked the bonding between Dipper and Wendy. And his first clone was actually pretty cool. I kinda wish he could come back somehow.

Least Favorite: Bottomless Pit - Not a bad episode but the stories just weren't that great.
The Inconveniencing was my worst episode, those smile dip dogs creeped me out for a long time.

Dreamscapers was my favourite. SO. MUCH. MYSTERY.
So jumping on the bandwagon, but Dreamscaperers was my favorite episode :D
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I'm jumping on the wagon as well, I really loved Dreamscaperers.

And I don't really have a least favorite episode, I just like some more than others.

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