Favorite and Least Favorite Episodes
Favorite: I love The Hand That Rocks The Mabel and Double Dipper and The Inconveniencing and Dreamscaperers all pretty much equally. ): REALLY hard to choose one.

Least favorite: Boyz Crazy. I don't hate any episode of the show -- I think they're all pretty good even at their worst, and that includes Boss Mabel (it was still pretty funny, despite the characters being jerks!). But the clones were basically one-note joke characters and I think they could've been handled better. If there was less Stan, Dipper, and Cute Biker in the episode, I think I'd turn it off somewhere around "yo, are you gonna share that?"
Fire walk with me.
Also this:
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I loved all of the episodes but they would have been better if there was no Wendy Dipper stuff
Gideon: Stanford Pines, I rebuke thee. I rebuke thee!
Stan: Rebuke? Is that a word?
Gideon: The entire Pines family have invoked my fury! You will all pay recompense for your transgressions!
Stan: What, do you have, like a Word-A-Day calender or something?

Wendy: And Robbie. You can probably figure him out.
Robbie: Yeah, I'm the guy who spray painted the water tower.
Dipper: Oh, you mean The Big Muffin!

Favorite Episode : Irrational Treasure. I love trembley.

Least favorite : Little Dipper. I simply don't like the plot... but it's only my opinion.
As of the 25th of July, 2013:

Favorite: It has to be "Dreamscaperers". Really. That episode managed to be so brilliant. The writing was close to perfect. Bill Cipher: brilliant.

Least Favorite: "The Time Travelers Pig". Everybody else that has criticized this episode has already said why it's bad, but it's pretty pitiful by the high standards of this show. Good idea, bad execution.
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The best: Dreamscaperers.
Least favorite: Bottomles Pit. Just Average.
Favorite: The Inconveniencing This episode did a good job of blending the jokes with the supernatural, resulting in a solid mix of humor and horror. The smile dip scenes and the Lamby Lamby dance were especially funny.

Least favorite: Dipper VS. Manliness The premise of young guys trying to prove themselves has been done to death, and I think the manotaurs clashed badly with the normal aesthetic of the show.
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I loved Dreamscaperers and oddly enough, Bottomless Pit. I didn't like Irrational Treasure or Dipper Vs. Manliness much
My favorite would have to be a tie between Fight Fighters and Dreamscapers.

Least favorite... Probably Boss Mabel.
After re-watching Dipper vrs Manliness, I have to say this is actually worse than bottomless pit. I forgot how bad it was! Not a bad show by cartoon standards, but the jokes were very meh. The only good thing it gave us was Multi-Bear. I love Multi-Bear!
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After first season, I changed my favourite and least favourite episode.

Favourite: The Legend of the Gobblewonker - this is the first episode I've watched without polish subtitles and on my MP4, lying in my comfortable bed xD
It has SOMETHING. I don't know what exactly. :D

Least favourite: Boss Mabel - After a long hiatus I've expected really good episode. However... it was worse than others. Maybe because there wasn't anything paranormal or unusal (besides Gremloblin, but it wasn't very important in the episode, though)
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