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1x17 - Boyz Crazy
Boyz Crazy Review.


Several Times - Very Funny for most of the episode. Great spoof of Nsync and New Kids on the Block. Cool idea to get one of the Nsync members (Lance Bass) to do the voice (Wish they got Timberlake though).

Mabel Story - Very Good. It tests Mabel's friendship with Candy and Grenda very well. Yeah Mabel kidnapped a band tried to keep them forever, but that's part of her arc for this episode and the show.

Easter Egg?- I may have found an interesting reference to the series finale of Flight of the Conchords in this episode. The reference is that in Boyz Crazy, Mabel in this episode allows/forces a band she has a massive crush on to live with her for a while. In the Conchords finale, Mel (played by Mabel herself Kristen Schaal) allows/forces a band she has a massive crush on to live with her for a while. Coincidence? Also don't forget that Flight of the Conchords was a huge reason why Alex cast Kristen as Mabel.

Dipper Story - Great. Really appreciated the Dipper and Stan bonding. Great mystery and suspense here with the CD. And finally Wendy and Robbie broke up!

Braid Train - Cute.


Little Twin interactions - They didn't have to interact a lot here, but a little bit more. I find it odd that they wouldn't talk too each other for three days (they probably did off screen) and that Dipper wouldn't find out about the band.

Short Several Times montage - Too short.

Candy necklace - Too sudden and corny.

Last shot/scene- It's Mabel's episode, so have her there.

Hypnotic message - Where did it come from?

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Several Timez is pretty funny but in all honesty this is not an episode that particularly appeals or stands out for me. It's hard to put the finger on why.

I think one problem is that I find Dipper's B plot is a little bit more interesting and funnier frankly...maybe it's more the family element between Stan and Dipper that I find attractive? I don't know...

Theory About Boyz Crazy

We all know that Alex made the episode as a tribute to his sister's childhood which was great and sweet. But someone pointed this out. In the episode Mabel is obsessed with her favorite boy band and gets them to stay in her house where she'll take care of them in weird ways. Sound familiar? Sounds like the final episode of Flight Of The Conchords where Kristen Schaal (Mabel) played Mel, an obsessed fan of the band. Alex has said that he cast Kristen as Mabel after watching FOC and wouldn't have made the show if she turned it down. Could this episode also be a tribute/reference to FOC?

What do you think?
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Interesting theory...
Bill Cipher (Click to View)
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