Have you ever dreamed of Gravity Falls?
Hello Folks!

I don't know, whether this fits here, but

Have you ever dreamed of Gravity Falls? I mean, if there is a show, which has so much mysteries in it, it should be very easy to conspirate about it, and that would fit quite well into dreams. Unfortunately, I have not dreamed of GF once... but let's see! ^-^
I dreamed I was Gideon last night. It was really blurry but there was something about a survivor type situation and I had to eat someone or throw them off the island or something...
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I once had this dream where Gideon and Dipper actually got along, pretty fishy, eh?
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I haven't had a GF dream yet
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Explain why I live in this world
Oh boy GF dream huh? i was wondering if someone whould ask that.Well here It goes...
I was Dipper me and Mable were walking through the woods when all of a sudden the Gnomes And the Manitars began fighting each other then Lil Gidion Came out of no where where riding a pony and rode around in circles screeming Be my Queen!!!! All of a sudden the ground open up and i fell in a bottomless pit with Soos eating fishfood doing the robot with bevers...
This is what i get for watching a GF marathon at 2 in the morning while eating cake.
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The Fishes Seek Revenge!!!!
Haha, that sounds great ;D

I always have crazy and weird dreams, but so for I've never had dream about Gf :/
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I had a dream that Robbie's last name is Vanilla. ;\
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So you're saying that The Doctor is Grunkle Stan...?
Nope. Happy It would be pleasant to. I'll post some when I get one.
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Actually, yes I have. About trice.
The first one was that Dipper and Mabel came across this guy who was about double the height of Wendy and was really old. When he was about to take the book from Dipper, he said 'I'm Bill' ....
The second was a really random DipperXWendy dream....
The third was that Stan yelled at D&M and pulled out a book like Dipper's with an 1 instead of 3. And it just got really bad and downhill from there....
I dream of weird things.
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I had a dream that GF got cancelled!

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