Have you ever dreamed of Gravity Falls?
Plenty. I remember having a lot of dreams about Bill.
I am tired during the day. GRANDPA THE KIIIID!

I'm turning over a new leaf. Literally.

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Well, I have this certain dream about GF till this day it still boggles my mind until now.

So, Stan, Soos, Dipper and Mabel went to this newly discovered alchemy lab under the mystery shack. It was still full of bottles with certain chemicals or elixirs on it. They checked it out when they say this sort of portal thing. It had some sort of spiral on it. Mabel was very curious about it and because of her curiosity(?) It sucked her to it.

This is the part where my mind was perplexed upon.


I need an interpretation about this. Does it warn that if GF will continue, something terrible will happen?
I think it's just a neat dream that you had, with no practical application unfortunately.
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not a ship
Mabel is turned to the dark side...

(I would need to know more about you to be sure and make a 'serious' analysis)
Well, I did have very odd Dream about Dipper and Mabel going to a boarding school that I've made it, because their parents doesn't believe in their adventures at Gravity Falls, they thought that their crazy or something, so, they send the kids to a tough boarding school in the country so they can keep their mind off of it.
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I dreamed of GF for 12 times since I got hooked with the show. Every part of it was worth it, except the one below. One time I dreamed of Dipper dying, the whole town avenged his death.
The weirdest dream of GF that I had was pretty gross, actually. There are 5 words:
Dipper goes to Taco Bell. Yup. I read that 2 days ago twice.
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-Wlblxk'rm 6:15-18

I had a GF dream last night, honestly, I have the weirdest dreams. I dreampt I was hanging out with Dipper, Ford and Mabel and we were walking through the forest when I we saw a bunny on the floor and when we got close to it, it morphed into a unicorn and ran off, then they all exploded into confetti, then I woke up. XD
Why must I have weird dreams?
"Princess Unattainabelle beckons you" Hehe!
(05-30-2016, 07:46 PM)HopeCvon Wrote: I haven't had a dream about Gravity Fall but I did have one back in April that is just as great and it is related to this topic.
In a way.

Two of my friends from my Actor's Workshop class, Andrew, Chris, and I were at some random convention. I don't remember which of us it was, but one of them had gotten extra tickets. This also was or rather would be my first time at a convention ever. We also each had a copy of the Journal so I guess this was a futuristic dream. (Why does that book have come out on my birthday and why can't I afford to have it? Stupid college life.)

Any hoots, we were mostly taking pictures with our Journals, groups shots and than some individual ones. My turn for a picture came. Andrew was getting ready to take it with Chris standing behind him when they both started laughing. I had no idea what was so funny. Figured it was some weird cosplay behind me. You never knew at conventions.

So the picture is taken and Chris does that "turn around" movement with his finger. I turned and found myself face to face with Alex himself! Surprised He had snuck up behind me and photo bombed me!!

Needless to say, I freaked out! I screamed from surprise and joy and I was bawling my eyes out with happy tears. I actually had to remind myself how to breath.
I might have terrified Alex a little.

And than I woke up and I died.

Tounge Not really. I was actually crying when I woke up and I may have screamed and made the dogs start barking at me . . . at 4 in the morning.

It was the best/worst dream ever because I had finally gotten to meet my Senpai only to have the universe be all like, not this time sucker!
So if I've been having this dream again for three nights in a row should I maybe consider it to mean something? Maybe?
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